SHSI Annual Stress-Health
                    Conference 2015
                 May 23-24, 2015  

                            Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa, Montego Bay, Jamaica                                                           

Hilton Rose Hall & Spa, Montego Bay, Jamaica                   pa, Montego Ba Jamaica          



__________ Montego Bay, Jamaica

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Information on Conference Faculty

Chimene Castor, Ph.D.,  is an Assistant Professor/clinical Coordinator at Howard University with the Department of Nutritional Sciences as well as an adjunct faculty member at Trinity University and Princes George Community College. She has a doctorate in Health Education from the Department of Health Education and Behavior Studies, Teachers College, Columbia University. She earned a Masters in Nutritional Science from Howard University. She is Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) License Dietitian/Nutrition with the State of Maryland Board of Licensure and District of Columbia.

Dr. Castor has been working as a Registered Dietitian for over 14 years. Dr. Castor also coordinated several missions as well conducted training programs in Haiti, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Jamaica, Tobago and St Lucia, to address nutritional health addressing diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular health.

Jaunell Latty-Miller, Msc., R.N., a native of Jamaica, is an instructor in the Department of Nursing at Northern Caribbean University, Mandeville, Jamaica. She is a Nurse Educator who is passionate about holistic health and healthy living.


Megan Swaby (Psy.D Candidate)., Megan Swaby (Psy.D Candidate) is a lecturer in the department of Psychology, Counseling and Allied  Services at The Mico University College. Prior to this she worked as a Guidance Counselor for many years which saw her designing  and implementing clinical treatment plans for a number of behavioral and emotional developmental problems.

#Sonia Davidson

Sonia Davidson, M.D., D.P.H. is a Lecturer and Coordinator, Wellness Studies in thee School of Allied Health and Wellness

of the College of Health Sciences, University of Technology, Jamaica. Director Mind Body Medicine, Jamaica Limited,

An Integrative Medicine Private Practice.

Marguerite Neita, Ph.D (Nutrition and dietary choices for wellness) Marguerite Neita, PhD, MT (ASCP) is Associate Professor and Interim Dean in the College of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences, Howard University. She is a trained clinical laboratory scientist and nutritional scientist.

Errol Morrison, MD, PhD, FRCP, OD (Plenary session speaker) is the past President of the University of Technology. As a trained physician and endocrinologist, he has changed the face of diabetes in Jamaica, the Caribbean and the world. Dr. Morrison’s work is centered around the investigation of medicinal plants used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. He has spearheaded major research and developmental activities related to diabetes care and management and has attracted major funding in this area. He co-founded the Diabetes Association of Jamaica (DAJ), a private, voluntary, non-profit, non-governmental organization, which has as its mandate the responsibility of developing and implementing a nationwide plan for the treatment and education of people with diabetes and for providing education on diabetes prevention and care to the public. He also spearheaded the formation of the Diabetes Association of the Caribbean, which now has 26 member countries from the Spanish, Dutch, and French-speaking territories.

     Ivor L. Livingston, PhD, MPH, CHES, CWWS (Stress Management & main presenter) is the Founder & CEO of StressHealth  Solutions International (SHSI). He is a medical sociologist/social epidemiologist by training looking on the relationship between social factors (e.g., stress) on health (hypertension, HIV/AIDS, infant mortality, alcohol consumption, cancer, etc.). Dr. Livingston has been a guest on television and radio shows in the USA and radio shows in Jamaica. He has presented and done stress-related seminars/workshops in the past in Jamaica (Jwray &Nephew, LTD., Deno & Geddes, Ltd., And Victoria Mutual Society) and he has presented scientific papers on stress-related outcomes (e.g., diabetes, metabolic syndrome, HIV/AIDS) in the USA and its wider states and territories (e.g., Hawaii, Puerto Rico) and in Europe (e.g., Rome, Italy). Being trained public health and health education, he explores the bigger stress-health relationship at the micro and macro levels and has developed published models to show how to explain and intervene in target populations in the Caribbean, USA and in Sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. Livingston is also a Professor at Howard University. He has published five books and over 35 professional manuscripts. He has national certifications in Health Education (CHES) and Work site Wellness (CWWS). His preliminary and formal education includes the University of the West Indies, Howard University, Harvard University and the Johns Hopkins University.

Litonya Livingston, MS, CHES, CWWS (Health Education) is the Founder and CEO of Health Industry Solutions, LLC. She has health education expertise in nutritional health, fitness, wellness and productivity. While her eight year plus experience as a health educator has been mainly with young adults, she has had other extensive experiences with a variety of age groups through her consulting organization, Health Industry Solutions (HIS). She is a Certified Work site Wellness Specialist (CWWS) and a nationally Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) who has worked with clients to educate and improve their health and well-being through enhancing their mental, nutritional and physical experiences. Additionally, Ms.Livingston has expertise in working with the design, implementation and evaluation of content and strategies that can be used to intervene, control and prevent at-risk health behaviors and practices among all segments of the population. She completed both her undergraduate (B.S.) and graduate (M.S.) degrees in Health Education and Health Promotion at Howard University in Washington, DC. Her work site wellness certification (CWWS) was obtained through National Wellness Institute and her health education certification (CHES) was obtained through National Center for Health Education Credentials.

Roberta Hollander, Ph.D., M.P.H. is the Interim Chairperson of the Department of Health, Human Performance and Leisure Studies and a Professor of Health Education at Howard University.  She earned her Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degree in Sociology. Additionally, she earned a Masters of Public Health from the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health and was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Public Health, also at Hopkins.  Dr. Hollander has taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels and has carried out research about a variety of health issues, including Women’s Health, Work and Health, Patient-Provider Communication, Health Disparities and Health Education/Health Promotion Program Planning.  She was the Chairperson of the Public Health Education/Health Promotion section of the American Public Health Association, has presented at numerous national and international conferences and has published her research in a wide variety of professional journals. Her funded research has focused on increasing representation of underrepresented groups in the maternal and child health professions, and training-of-trainers programs for health professionals in Brazil to prevent AIDS in the workplace. Her funded research has focused on increasing representation of underrepresented groups in the maternal and child health professions, and training-of-trainers programs for health professionals in Brazil to prevent AIDS in the workplace.

Horace G. McCormack, Ph.D. (Hon), MBA, ASQ-CMQOE, is President and Chief Executive Officer of HGM Management

and Technologies, Inc. (HGM), is an international consultant, trainer, and researcher who has advised public and private sector

leaders on quality, transformation and culture change management for the 21st. century. HGM is certified by the U.S. Small

Business Administration as an 8(a) Graduate Professional Services and Systems Integration firm, which is also Minority-Owned

and certified in several states. Dr. McCormack has a diverse background with over 25 years' experience in management and engineering consulting and training. His areas of expertise include: strategic planning, emergency management, human capital management, capacity building, diversity management, industrial engineering, sustainability, supply chain management, asset management, documents management, energy management, quality and productivity management, business process reengineering and organizational transformation. dynamic trainer and motivator, he has taught seminars and workshops and developed training courses and guides in areas related to

strategies and performance improvement. He has been a thought leader and strategist for radical change in several organizations that include, but are not limited to: US Federal agencies, state and local entities, health care institutions, and public utilities (water, gas, electric, and telecommunications). He has completed numerous projects in the manufacturing and service industries and a selected number of private sector entities. Internationally, he has worked with the USAID, MCC, UNESCO, IDB in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. In the Caribbean he has advised the National Water Commission, JPSCo, USAID, Ministries of Health, The University of the West Indies, UTECH, Grace Kennedy & Co., Nunes, Scholefield, and DeLeon, and other companies. Additionally, he has delivered performance improvement training to employees of numerous public and private sector entities. Mr. McCormack has advised high level executives in areas related to organizational development, strategy, performance improvement and profitability, and leadership towards achieving excellence.

Robert M. Brown, III, Ph.D., is a medical sociologist and adjunct professor with more than 20 years of research and technical expertise. Dr. Brown provides these services to Federal, State and Local Agencies to promote: (1) understanding about the reciprocal relationship between economic stress and health; (2) health empowerment for at-promise and mainstream groups; (3) workforce development; and (4) family and community violence reduction prevention and prevention. He has written a book entitled, “Economic Stress: Harsh Truths & Keys to Empowerment” (2013) (click to access link to the book),  which is available on Amazon. He has also published on stress management, strengthening families and family and community violence. As a health promotion advocate,  he emphasizes the importance of viewing health as a state of mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and economic well-being. Dr. Brown has been a featured guest on radio and television programs around the country (USA),  as well as a sought after speaker on the topic of economic stress. As an educator, and adjunct faculty member at Hood College in Maryland, he is an advocate for students’ success in the classroom and beyond. He encourages students’ commitment to life-long learning and he also believes that higher education in an important tool for success in the 21st century. Higher education should be used in tandem with other skill sets to facilitate superior academic, work and life achievements. His website is

Stan Warren, Ph.D. Dr. Warren  is a 2007 graduate of Howard University where he earned a Ph.D. in Medical Sociology. He lectured at The University of the West Indies in the Department of Sociology, Psychology and Social Work from 2008 to 2010. Dr. Warren currently lectures at Mico University in Kingston Jamaica in the Department of Psychology, Counseling and Allied Services. He is currently, along with colleagues, working on a paper looking at drug demand reduction among Mico Students. Dr. Warren has an interest in the role the external socio-cultural conditions play in mental illness, as well as extraordinary high rates of crime in the Jamaican society.More recently, and from a more social epidemiological perspective, he has begun to address, in a more specific manner, the various socio-cultural and psychosocial exogenous and endogenous contributing factors to the person, place and time “factors” as they relate to crime in the Jamaican society. In the future, he is hoping with the right amount of funding, he and his colleagues will be able to conduct empirical studies that will result in positive strategies that will contribute, in part, to knowledge about the etiology of crime and important ways to better control it in the future.

John Mc Neil, M.D., is a board certified infectious disease specialist in Silver Spring, Maryland. He is currently licensed to practice medicine in Maryland and District of Columbia. He is affiliated with Holy Cross Hospital and Washington Adventist Hospital. Dr. Mc Neil has been practicing medicine for 25 years. He graduated from the Howard University College of Medicine in 1989. He practices medicine in Silver Spring, MD and specializes in Infectious Disease and Internal Medicine. Dr. McNeil speaks English and Spanish.

Bernard Headley, Ph.D., Born in St. James, he studied sociology at Andrews University in Michigan, USA. He completed his doctoral studies in sociology at Howard University, Washington, DC. For more than 25 years, Dr. Headley lectured in criminology at Atlanta University and North-Eastern Illinois University. He is also a retired professor of Criminology at the University of the West Indies.; And Professor Emeritus (Sociology),at Northeastern University, Chicago. He has studied the psyche of the Jamaican criminal and other issues relating to crime in Jamaica for nearly 40 years. Dr. Headley has also co-authored several books on crime and criminal justice policy.

Stefan Livingston, M.P.H. C.P.T, received his graduate degree  in public health, with an emphasis on epidemiology and health disparities, from the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, U.S.A. As a trained epidemiologist, he has worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, among other government agencies, traveling to the middle east for research. Currently, he is a project manager at STS working on a variety of issues related to military deployment technologies. His last publication that was co-authored with others in 2009 was "Gender, Acculturative Stress and Jamaican Immigrants’ Health in the United States: An Exploratory Study.West Indian Medical Journal 56(3): 207-216). In addition to being a trained research epidemiologist, Mr. Livingston is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). Over the years, and since being a Certified Personal Trainer, Mr. Livingston has trained many clients in ways to improve their health and well-being. He uses these and related skills when he is a volunteer EMT/Firefighter (Officer).

Tamu Davidson, M.D., M.P.H. (General Public Health) is  a Medical Epidemiologist/Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) specialist in the Chronic Diseases & Injuries Prevention Unit, Health Promotion and Protection Branch, Ministry of Health. Jamaica.